Astrology star sign elements

It is rarefied air which usually surrounds those graced by this Element, as this is the marker of the intellectual.

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Airy people are smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. They love to analyze, synthesize and probe. Do you have a dilemma? Hand it over to an Air sign and watch them go to work. Air Signs are also about communication. They are alert, curious and perceptive.

This can indicate that either the person has difficulty in expressing the attributes associated with that element or becomes very proficient at them over time due to overcompensation. In other words, the individual may feel that they have difficulty in expressing certain traits and work hard at developing them. Because they could be sensitive of this difficulty, they may develop the qualities associated with the particular element more than the average person.

When expressed well these people often are an inspiration to others, are quite moral and can be very creative. A lack of representation of this element can indicate a lack of initiative, inspiration and difficulty in becoming inspired. An emphasis on this element indicate a practical, cautious, and pragmatic approach to life. Earthy people may benefit from connecting to the earth element via gardening, pottery, facial mud packs, etc.

Persons born under these signs are somewhat perfectionists. They are hard workers and will break their backs getting the task done. They will not let up until a task is completed and done to their utmost best. They are patient, down to earth, or real in their thinking with great reasoning ability and ability to compromise. They are not as flexible and sensitive but empathetic nonetheless.

They get pleasure from serving others but want no glory for it. Because of their rigidity at times, they will pass up opportunities that will make their lives better. They hate change and newness and love to stick with their old ways. They feel content with routine and are not very spontaneous, yet can be unpredictable at times.

Earth signs are worriers and never take things at face value. They are always seeking to find the truth. If something makes no sense or isn't clear, you can rest assured they will figure it out. They cannot be easily led or fooled. Protective, supportive, and caring are earth signs. Earth signs are compatible with water signs. Air signs like change and cannot stay in one place.

Just like their sign, air, they are always moving. They are very unpredictable, and you can never really pin them down. Their personalities and mood changes, just like the weather. They love attention and love to talk. They communicate well and make friends easily. These people usually gravitate towards public speaking and are not shy at all.

Air signs are less emotional than water and earth and will divert their conversation away from touchy-feely subjects. It's very hard for these people to commit to long term relationships as they hate to be tied down. They tend to be impractical at times, making them very unreliable. Very empathetic and compassionate people are water signs. They tend to be flexible and conform easily to situations around them. Water signs are emotional and have deep thoughts and feelings. They are expressive, loving, sensitive, and nurturing. The people born under this sign are self-sacrificing and will give their last to please you.

Unselfish and kind, they are and will do anything to make you feel better, even ignoring their own feelings, sometimes to their detriment. Water signs are very quiet people and tend to like being alone. Because they are so emotional and dramatic, they are prone to emotional breakdowns, mental illnesses, alcohol, or drug addictions. They are reclusive by nature, which often means that they become compulsive and fearful.

These signs want to know that they can trust you, and this is a primary requirement in any of their relationships. They are loyal and will never cheat as their feelings run too deep for that. If you break that trust, it is hard to get it back. They blend well with earth signs which brings stability, balance, and consistency to their lives.

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They do not get along with fire and air signs as they are too unstable and unpredictable. Dominant, powerful and sometimes overbearing, as fires are so are these signs.

Earth and fire signs friendship

Fire signs are born leaders. They are bright and very warm and like to take control. Fire signs are always in your face, so you always know they are there. Persons born to this sign are often accused of being arrogant because of their proud and confident nature.

Earth and fire signs friendship

They are always up front and at the head of the pack and will to tell you as it is. They are never secretive and do not know subtlety. Fires tend to burn in one location only if they have enough material and air to sustain them; otherwise, they have to keep moving. So are fire signs.

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