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Thirteen axes divide the circle into twenty-six parts. Thirteen has always been an interesting number. So what does it mean in Astrology?. As the first application of four, thirteen must be a fresh look at the material world.

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This does not sound too sinister. If we look at death as a function of life in this world, we can see where others get the reference to death from. Bad luck and devils are usually indicative of things best left undisclosed, and one can easily see why the powers that be did not want people being educated about the way they ran our society. To meditate on a number is to understand both its meaning and application.

If the powers that were in control could keep the general population fearful of the number, they were fairly safe. When one looks at the scripture from which these social engineers drew their inspiration, we find a couple powerful references to thirteen, but these are characteristically hidden just below the surface. Jesus with his twelve apostles made a total of thirteen.

Moses, as he divided the twelve tribes of Israel, divided the tribe of Manaseh into two so that the Levities could be dispersed amongst them Astrologically speaking, this can be equated with fitting the thirteen lunar months into the twelve zodiac houses over the space of a solar year. What does a thirteenth harmonic association do?

It is a penetrating aspect, always on a quest for deeper truth. A thirteenth harmonic pattern in a chart will indicate a person who takes nothing in life at face value. The thirteenth has the capacity to integrate the physical and the spiritual, and to see the illusory state of living in the material world for what it is. One could use this aspect to assist those in trouble by viewing below the surface, and getting to the root of the problem. A person with a strong thirteenth harmonic will always have an interesting perspective. The thirteenth has a sense of the ruthless and dispassionate about it.

In a compassionate soul, it is extremely useful to humanity. In a less compassionate soul, it is quite destructive. The thirteenth harmonic has a strong relationship to both the Moon and Pluto, as such it requires some mastery. Behind the scenes and below the surface is where the it will manifest. Fourteen axes divide the circle into twenty-eight parts. Fourteen is reduced to five in numerology, so the fourteenth needs to embrace the energy of empowerment, shedding new light on it. The fourteenth Axial Harmonic Level is described by the midpoint of the seventh, and so the structural energy of the seventh is present here.

This is where the empowerment of five comes through in the fourteenth. I have always maintained that sexual energy and spiritual energy share some common ground. In all of the finest Axial Harmonic Levels fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen , we see where some of this common ground exists. The fourteenth is rather Saturnine in nature, embracing the true empowerment which comes from structural order. If you like, there is a certain reward for mastering the rules and mastering resistance, empowerment within the structure is that reward.

This might be likened to graduation from a University, or completion of a trade certificate. These things empower a person within that structure. In the art of sensuality beyond simple sex , there are rules also. Those rules used well can produce experiences of ecstasy not previously explored or described. They can also be used to plunder a partner for their energy. Like any of the secondary harmonic levels, it has a downside, and again, that is determined by resistance. This energy can as easily manifest as a rage against the machine. Unlike the more noble and intelligent challenges to the rules, a poorly applied fourteenth has bitterness and resentment built into it from poorly applied resistance and therefore it is an ugly, and sometimes pathetic resistance, which nevertheless has influence, simply because of its knowledge of the rules.

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The fourteenth Axial Harmonic Level, is best described as structural empowerment. Fifteen axes divide the circle onto thirty pieces. Because fifteen breaks down to six in numerology, we can expect the fifteenth harmonic to display the expansive quality of the sixth in some way. Because the fifteenth also represents the division of the fifth by three, we can expect a deeper expression of empowerment as well. I mentioned in my discussion of the fifth, that the engagement of the Cosmic flow was its highest expression, and in the fifteenth, this can become reality. The combination of empowerment and harmony is sweet indeed, particularly when Universal energy is engaged.

This is also true in the higher pursuit of sensuality. Where harmony is seen simply as a lack of resistance, the fifteenth lacks any potency at all, and so it remains wasted potential. Where harmony is engaged under dark influence, the fifteenth is empowered darkness. There comes a point at which harmonic energy becomes so quiet that it requires deliberate action to access it.

While each chart is unique, and what seems quiet to some will be rowdy to others, the fifteenth seems to be where there is simply no unconscious manifestation of energy.

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The same is true for levels sixteen, seventeen and eighteen. Unless somebody has their attention fixed on an objective which requires that energy, there will be no expression of that energy. The fifteenth harmonic is best described as empowered harmony. Sixteen axes divides the circle into thirty-two parts. Sixteen breaks down to seven in numerology, so we should expect the sixteenth to display some of the structural characteristics of the seventh, in a new light.

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The power of the sixteenth lies in its relationship to the second. Sixteen is the fourth exponential application of two, it is also the second exponential application of four. If eight manifests the resistance of two and the realisation of four, then sixteen entrenches that pattern. The sixteenth makes this structural. In its best light, the sixteenth allows the lessons of the two series to become a part of the structural fabric of the individual, so that we get past the irritations of life and into the true substance of Living. Grace and forgiveness are part and parcel of the best application of the sixteenth harmonic level.

In its worst light, this structured pattern is explosive in the extreme; badly applied resistance is just too hot to handle here. It must be deliberately focused to be accessed, but the sixteenth entrenches the article of resistance as it is progressively refined through the harmonic system. Seventeen axes divide the circle into thirty-four parts. When addressing the thirteenth, I observed that the thirteenth harmonic was a brand new energy which was tied to the fourth only by numerological association.

This is also true of the seventeenth as it relates to the eighth harmonic. Just as the thirteenth investigates behind the scenes on the fourth, the seventeenth has the same effect on the eighth. The investigation made by the seventeenth reveals the power behind manifestation. These energies are not to be trifled with, and can bring the careless experimenter undone. There are groups of people who have been using these energies for thousands of years, it is wise to spend some time in their company, or at the bare minimum, to read some of their literature, before trying to experiment.

Those who carelessly investigate chemistry will soon bring themselves undone, as will those who carelessly investigate electricity. The consistent use of harmonics does not allow two planets to have resonance [5] on more than one harmonic level at a time. Therefore to have orbs that overlap is mathematical nonsense. The problem is that the current harmonic ascriptions of orb do not reflect reality. They descend far too quickly for even the most frugally minded Astrologer to wear. The empirical orbs listed here are a reflection of what is commonly used.

They are a little generous in my experience, but they are nevertheless fairly common figures. Harmonic Orb 1 is the closest approximation that a consistent harmonic model can make on this selection of aspects as a whole, but it has an outrageously high orb for conjunction.. Harmonic Orb 2 has a closer reflection of the empirical experience of conjunction though still generous by many standards and its orbs are tiny for the rest of the aspects listed.

The problem becomes evident, Harmonic orbs descend far too quickly to adequately reflect reality.

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  • The axial approach to harmonics requires that we rethink what an aspect actually is, and more importantly, how we group these aspects to both reflect reality and maintain mathematical consistency. Music is the perfect place to investigate the fundamental principles of harmonics because it is universally available. When a guitar string is plucked, its vibration describes a single musical note. If one now holds ones finger lightly on the string, directly above the 12th fret, and again plucks the string, one hears several harmonic variations of the same note at the same time.

    Thus it can be easily observed, that Harmonic Resonance is the unifying principle between the fundamental note and its subsequent harmonic divisions. What does this have to do with Astrology? When harmonic division is made in science, we simply see it as a division of the principle by half and subsequent factors.

    In Astrology, we are investigating a relationship between two or more charted objects , and relating that back to the whole circle. The principle which describes the relationship between the fundamental whole and its harmonic division is the principle of Harmonic Resonance. While mathematics describes the relationship between a whole and it first harmonic as simply 1 as to 2, harmonic resonance says 1 as to 2 and 4 and 8 and 16 and 32, implying consistency throughout the divisions, and indeed defining the unifying principle.

    When we use such divisions as trine and quintile, we are comparing the resonant patterns of two fundamental notes and looking for harmonic correspondence, very much like a guitar fret-board allows us to meld resonant patterns of various fundamental notes into chords. Put very simply, there can be no consideration of resonance without considering both the whole and its division.

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    Harmonic Resonance in Astrology is therefore defined by axes across a circle, rather than by points of intersection around it. The most obvious place to start our investigation is with the relationship between conjunction and opposition. We have always been taught in Astrology to observe the differences between the planets, and the planetary relationships and make our assessments from these.

    Nobody is trying to pretend that there is no difference between conjunction and opposition; however in using harmonics, we must determine the unifying principle between them.

    The secret meeting of East and West – Understanding divisional and/or harmonic charts – Part 7

    The unifying principle between these polarities is perspective. For an opposition relentless objectivity to be resolved, the subjective environment of both objects must be clearly identified. This principle has clear parallels in life when either the resolution of conflict or the setting of achievable joint goals is required. Therefore we can see that the principle of harmonic resonance is a principle for resolving polarity, rather than simply observing or describing it. The same principle of subjectivity and objectivity plays out in all harmonic levels.

    When dealing with aspect in Astrology we must consider both the fundamental note and its first division, for we are investigating relationships between objects, not isolated objects on their own. Therefore the point directly opposite the planet is as important in Astrological interpretation as the planet itself. Therefore each planet in the aspect circle is describe by an axis rather than just a point.

    Therefore harmonic division should be determined by the axis, rather than by the point. Lets revisit our orb table, this time grouping our harmonic aspects by the number of axes that the aspect represents, rather than by the whole division of the circle. This table clearly displays how that an axial approach to harmonics very closely resembles the empirical experience of Astrology. The conjunct orb on the Axial Harmonics 2 list is still very wide. There is a reason for this and I will explain it later. Also notice that, with the exception of the quintiles and deciles, the aspect list reflects the most commonly used aspects in Astrology and places them in an acceptable order of importance.

    We discussed in the first section that Aspect is about Relationships between planets. We determined that, in harmonic relationships , the opposition is as important as the conjunction , therefore that, in aspect, the planet is defined by its axis, not just by its point. Many authors use numerology to describe aspect, but the way aspects are normally divided, it takes quite a stretch to apply some aspects in their logical sequence.

    I have composed my own numerology, based on my experience of life. I can be accused of being nebulous, here, but I ask simply that you consider the validity or lack thereof of what I say based on whether or not it works for you. The first level at which we communicate as Human beings is that of relationship. Conjunction and opposition together represent the self and the other.

    I have heard others waffle on about conjunction as entity, and opposition as perspective, but I maintain that, in human existence, there IS NO existence without relationship. Entity, like zero, is an abstract concept that has no tangible value on its own. Therefore, entity and objectivity, together, form the first level of human awareness.

    In aspect, conjunction is a conversation between two planets where both parties agree implicitly on the same principles. The similarity can cause unrest, as familiarity will sometimes breed contempt, but both planets are on the same conversational page. Opposition on the other hand represents two planets with complementary perspectives. Where a planet in Cancer is sensitive, a planet in Capricorn is practical, the two may argue or disagree, but the truth of the situation remains that each does much better to learn from the other rather than engage in argument.

    This way, each achieves balance, the Cancer planet becomes more aware of the world around it, and the Capricorn planet becomes more aware of its own sensitivities. Pick any sign of the Zodiac, the sign opposite is its compliment, or polar opposite. Aries is innocent and impulsive, Libra is steady and considered.

    Taurus is tactile and steadfast, Scorpio is playful and intense. Gemini is cerebral and whimsical, Sagittarius is expressive and persuasive.

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    Cancer is sensitive and focused on personal security, Capricorn is rational, and focused on material security. Leo is passionate and focused on the self, Aquarius is idealistic and focused on the community. Invariably, the solutions to problems of subjectivity in a chart are found in the opposing sign. Herein lies the reason for treating conjunction and opposition together. Conjunction is intrinsically subjective and self-absorbed as an aspect.

    Opposition is intrinsically objective, and outwardly focused as an aspect. Separately they are two parts of a single principle. Together, they represent complete perspective and therefore balanced relationship. I have bright ideas. I have lots of bright ideas. I know exactly how they work, and if I give you the basics of the ideas, you can string them together too, just like I do. Yeah sure!! Anybody who has looked at my website will read it and realize that this is so terribly true of me as to make my website damned near impossible to follow. Misti has made a major contribution to the practical examples that make Axial Harmonics understandable.

    The Leo nature of the stellium puts the focus on my own bright ideas. In any natal chart, then, conjunctions will produce a certain amount of subjectivity, which will always do better with the application of objective approach. Opposition transits are excellent for this, as are people who can lend objectivity through synastry [7]. Oppositions will produce objectivity. Planets in opposition do well to learn from the subjective experiences of both poles. The objectivity in the first level of communication is put under scrutiny by the next harmonic level, the challenge of resistance.

    The second level of communication starts off where the first level finished. This is true of all even-order divisions of any primary number in this system. Opposition was the second aspect in the discussion of relationship, now it is the first level in the discussion of resistance. Each division by 2 of an aspect type represents the next level of that energy.

    The smaller aspect of the first type becomes the larger aspect in the subsequent division by two.

    Meanings of Harmonics 1 to 8

    Where conjunct planets have learned to make use of their "alter-egos" on the other side of the Zodiac, and when opposite planets learn to pull together rather than push apart, the challenge of the square by transit, synastry, or natal placement will spur them on to greater things.

    The resistance is met with positive energy and growth is most assuredly the end result. However, when conjunct planets refuse to acknowledge the validity of their "alter-egos" on the other side of the Zodiac, and when opposite planets buy into the idea that they must maintain their differences at all costs, the challenge of resistance by transit, synastry, or natal placement produces hardship, arguments and friction. What do I mean by resistance? The nature of the Zodiac is such that opposite signs are complimentary to each other in nature and elemental focus.

    That is to say, that where one is Fire, the other is Air, these are complimentary elements. It takes maturity and understanding to bring all four elements together. Resistance, brought on by the square, is the method by which such maturity is gained. Remember also that Misti helped me to bring the ideas in the Leo stellium to a place of Aquarian usefulness. This stellium is square to my natal Jupiter in Scorpio the 12 th house. Juipter gets carried away with grandiose insights into anything and everything and spurs Mercury to proclaim it for all the world to hear.

    It is very useful in this particular forum, but it means that I tend to overtake the conversation in social situations and the like. A far better use of the energy is a more creative expression such as writing, which brings me to another point about aspects. The midpoint of an aspect will show both the house of its manifestation and the house in which any problem caused by that aspect can be solved.

    Its personal manifestation is in the 10 th Equal and it is balanced in the 4 th Equal. My use of houses is also unique, it is also very accurate but that is a story for another day. The square aspect determines how we deal with challenge in our lives. Our response to the squares in our life will determine our response to all other even order aspects in the natal chart. The native who meets resistance with greater resistance will find life mostly difficult. Remember that any planet under this system is described by a polar axis, not just a point.

    When we divide the circle by three axes it is divided into six equal parts, thus it puts Trine and Sextile on the same level of communication. Axial Harmonic division by three will always introduce the energy of resonant harmony. It can be seen as simply a lack of resistance, and often is, particularly in the case of the trine. Resonant harmony, when treated as an energy in its own right, produces abundant energy and vibrant life. This is in direct contrast to the inertia expressed by a less vibrant trine. The number three is very widely understood among numerologists to be the number of harmony.

    As with Conjunction and Opposition, Trine and Sextile represent the subjective and objective facets of harmony. The trine is subjective enough that it can and will produce inertia under unfavorable circumstances. Planets that are in trine express ease with each other and will always opt for the line of least possible resistance unless they are challenged or encouraged to do any more.

    Sextile on the other hand represents one planet assisting another, and is thus more objective and more likely to get things done. Misti and I share a planetary configuration. We were born a few weeks apart, and several of the outer planets in our charts are in virtually the same positions. We both have Saturn trine Pluto.

    Saturn and Pluto present as Structure and Power. The Trine relationship indicates harmony between them. There is other stuff going on with Neptune at the midpoint, but I want to focus on the trine for a moment. For me, this presents as an obsession with systems and synthesis. Misti on the other hand does not give a stuff about systems and synthesis.

    For me the trine is a resonant harmonious energy and always has been. For her it represents inertia on the issue of structure and always has done. By my use of orb, Her trine leads to inertia, whereas mine leads to keen interest.