Astrology stellium in aries

With the Stellium you have a huge focus on a sign and House. Which means that whatever House your Stellium falls in will be a huge focus in your life. Sometimes it takes some times to unravel, especially if the Stellium is in Capricorn or 10th house, it could take time for you to realize the energies in play, you could feel at loss but be assured that your Stellium will eventually knock on your door. The struggle with a Stellium is that you will tend to neglect the opposite sign and House, or completely neglect the sign and house of your Stellium to focus on the opposite. Remember that all the signs and houses have to be understood through their polarity, but often whatever side you choose, you end up unbalanced.

You can find Libra Stelliums who are overly agressive Aries , you can find Aquarius Stellium who are overly self-centered Leo. You have a Stellium in the 10th? You have a Stellium in the 6th? What about transits? The positive transits will be felt on a way bigger level, and difficult transits will be a trip to hell-land. You could become adult, wise, mature, way faster than all the people around you.

Pluto transits will transform you, Uranus transits will suddenly rock everything in your life, Saturn transits will adult-you up in an impressive fashion, Jupiter transits can bring extreme luck and abundance. Check out our Astrology Services! Aug 5, Recent Posts See All.

This grouping indicates power, possibly even genius

The dark triad in Astrology: How to recognize narcissists, machiavellians, and psychopaths. You're in preview mode. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them the beauty of being around others. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences dealing with sex, death and transformation.

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Their greatest lessons will come from learning the importance of staying positive and of remaining connected to something greater than themselves. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences in which they learn the importance of perseverance. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that cement their individuality and give them strength to fight for the equality of their fellow human beings. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them the importance of helping those who are unable to help themselves.

Pluto usually brings to mind some shit about sex, obsession, a pheonix rising from the ashes, rebirth, some tarot cards. Let go of your Scorpio complex and listen up. The Pluto way is slow as fuck - any major change is the result of sustained effort over a long period of time. A Pluto transformation is total. This is a generational process. Yes: Pluto affects you on a personal level, and yes: you can make serious change happen during your life, but this process a slow burn. It deals with transforming deeply conditioned behaviors that go farther back and forward than just you and your little life.

Finally: all this is why Pluto and Scorpio and the 8th house are a little family.

BY Carol Rushman

Until you put in work to actually acknowledge the effect your actions and presence have on your environment and the people in your life, your lack of self-awareness and self-control is gonna alienate the people around you. It takes sustained effort over a long period of time for Pluto to do its job. Mars is about opportunities for change. How you play out your Mars placement completely depends on how open you are to change.

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We all experience all the phases. Where Mars falls in your natal just shows which phase will be the most pronounced throughout your life. To all the Libras in the place with style and grace allow me to displace some bullshit lies about your lives:. Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies? On their good day. On their bad day, yikes. No sweat Leebs. It happens to the best of us.

But for real we should talk about Libra because like all signs lil Lib gets misunderstood. What do we actually know about Libra? Something about balance, indecisive, graceful ass bitches, relationships.

What Is A Stellium In Astrology? Here's Why It Has Such A Strong Influence On Your Personality

Libra actually represents metamorphosis and regeneration. Having the will power and courage to change how you approach the world is the key to Libra success. As always, polarities. Balance tropes come in because Libra has got to find the sweet spot between pleasing others and being themselves. Never was a bitch trying to please another bitch more than Libra. Because they can. Libra has a ridiculous objective sense - it sees needs and it fills them. This is actually a beautiful quality when Libra has its boundaries in place. Oh no. Not a good look.

How A Stellium in a Sign Affects You

Aries though Virgo, those bitches are all workin on themselves. This is why we typically think Libra has something to do with relationships. Libra is about understanding the relationship between things - recognizing how things fit together and figuring out how dissimilar things can connect to create a unified, functional whole. Sound graceful? Libra needs to stop acting like filling all the needs and staying in whack-ass relationships makes it worth something. Only then can lil Lib shine the way it wants to and start changing all the minds and hearts.

All you gotta do to make it happen: take your fear, scale it back, and get the fuck out there. Be the Leeb you were born to be. Everyone will love you. The Sun, like everything else in Astrology, gets misunderstood and played out. Metaphor style: If your life is a journey, then the Moon is your car or your bike for my little environmental freaks and the Sun is your fuel.

The energy of your Sun sign propels you through your life. Being in the know about your Sun sign can help you understand why you choose certain experiences and people. Sound familiar to Mars?

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  • It should. When you look at the Sun and Moon together, you can get a general idea of how a person approaches life and what actions and attitudes they need to develop for success. As always, the house a planet is in will tell you more than the sign , but I know none of you hoes have all your house placements memorized.

    Must learn: you do not have to sacrifice yourself to have a good life. LEO SUN bitches fueled by the desire to express themselves , develop their identity, and get caught doin it ayeee. Must learn: anything can be played out in a constructive or destructive way. Choose wisely. Must learn: to open up. LIBRA SUN bitches fueled by the desire to be part of something bigger, find relationships between unrelated shit, and get their metamorphosis on.

    Must learn: to stop being scared and get the fuck out there. Must learn: manipulating people into giving you the response you want is ultimately not satisfying. SAG SUN bitches fueled by the desire to understand their life experiences, make sense of themselves, and get their damn message across.

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    • Must learn: to stop running away from your shit. Must learn: how to set some mf-ing healthy boundaries. PISCES SUN bitches fueled by the desire to find something that lasts , release old ass patterns of behavior, and tap into natural and societal rhythms. Must learn: peacing out from reality does not mean you suddenly rose above it, it means you peaced out from reality. The zodiac is a complete cycle of growth and all of us go through all of the phases. The Sun just shows which phase is most pronounced over the course of your life. Can you have a stellium in a house?

      For sure. For your personal pleasure : VENUS IN THE FIRST 1 these charming, intuitive hoes are looking for meaning within themselves - they find the value in every human experience , project their own sensibilities into everything they do, and are working to develop a positive self-image.